"A righteous man has regard for the life of his beast."
--Proverbs 12:10

Daily, thousands of dogs, many former pets, are inhumanely caged, beaten, tortured and killed.

Daily, thousands of dogs, many former pets, are inhumanely caged, beaten, tortured and killed.
Dogs are purposely slaughtered in front of other dogs, to increase their fear and stress level- as this is supposed to enhance the flavor and increase the adrenaline in their meat, which according to Chinese folklore, boosts virility. Actual physical torture and bleeding them out slowly, are other routine methods used for this purpose.
Stop the Cruelty...before it is too late.">
stop animal cruelty">



The gingerbread house!!!

Gabri's Birthday

Dr. Appt,


BarnYard Dance

Gabri's Girl Scout troop won the contest for the best dressed troop and WE won the contest for the best dressed family at the barn yard dance! Yee Ha!


APL Fur Ball

I was told by the auctioneer that he circled the entire room and I was the most "striking" woman there!! What a compliment!




Well, Gabri and I were eating dinner when one of our cats came into the kitchen and started growling. I looked down and our hamster's head was in its mouth. I didn't realize it was just the head at first so I tried to chase the cat to release the hamster. It was then when I found the remainder of the body hanging in a bloody mangled mess through the cage. The cat must have latched onto poor Brownie when he was near the side of the cage, then pulled him through the dividers. UGGGHHH WAAAHHH...I feel so bad. Gabri and I were a crying, screaming mess.


Gab rides a bike

Gab in guitar case

Prego had her kittens!

Prego had 5 kittens, one died but the other 4 are doing fine. She had her kittens in a neighbor's garage underneath a ton of stuff, but now mom and babies are resting comfortably in a room in my basement.

I gave Jeremy a hair cut!



I love volunteering at the Animal Protective League.
I wish I could take ALL of the dogs home with me.
These are the ones I walked today.